*Verschoben* Contested Concepts: Interrogating Eurocentrism & Afrocentrism

Joint Workshop by GAIN – Gender: Ambivalent In_Visibilities (University of Vienna) & Maseno University

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What does it mean to think, do research, or work in a ‘Eurocentric’ or ‘Afrocentric’ manner? What is it that qualifies a theory as Eurocentric? And is Afrocentrism merely Eurocentrism's counterpart, or rather a counter-strategy? In our workshop, we want to explore the core meanings of these two contested concepts and compare them in terms of their use and function in different debates and contexts.

The workshop consists of three parts. The first two hours are dedicated two one of the central terms each. Two short presentations by Elisabeth Holzleithner (Eurocentrism) and Karen Nyangara (Afrocentrism) will raise questions for a shared discussion. In the last hour, we will then compare the two concepts and work towards deconstructing the opposition.

Organizers: Mary Aswan, Elisabeth Holzleithner, Susan Kilonzo, Karen Nyangara, Maria Sagmeister


Contact: maria.sagmeister@univie.ac.at