10.12. GAIN Gender & Agency Lecture mit Mieke Verloo und Verleihung der GAIN Gender & Agency Forschungspreise 2020

Die Forschungsplattform GAIN - Gender: Ambivalent In_Visibilities veranstaltet am 10. Dezember eine GAIN Gender & Agency Lecture mit Mieke Verloo. In diesem Rahmen findet auch die Verleihung der GAIN Gender & Agency Forschungspreise 2020 statt.



Donnerstag, 10. Dezember 2020
Ab 18.00 Uhr
Online via Zoom: us02web.zoom.us/j/83436043451
Meeting-ID: 834 3604 3451
Kenncode: 8bXECL


Verleihung der GAIN Gender & Agency Forschungspreise 2020

Die Preise ergehen für ihre Masterarbeiten an Miriam Fahimi, Stefanie Freitag, Linda Raule, Carmen Ruf, Elisabeth Salletmaier und Cornelia Schobert sowie für ihre Dissertationen an Elisabeth Lechner und Maria Sagmeister.

Mit Laudationes von Nikolaus Benke, Marlen Bidwell-Steiner und Birgit Sauer.


GAIN Gender & Agency Lecture

Mieke Verloo: Taking Radical Feminism Seriously: Learning about Bodies, Sex, Intimacy and Kinship from Second Wave Feminism.


The legacy of radical feminism has much to offer for current times. I see at least three major reasons. A first one is that gender equality policymaking continues to show large absences when it comes to core feminist issues that were put on the agenda by radical feminists (think abortion, family law, sexuality). Another one is that many issues stemming from that legacy are at the heart of anti-feminist opposition (think abortion, family law, motherhood, feminist education). And a last one is that many of these issues are among the most contested within feminism (think prostitution, pornography, surrogacy, motherhood). In combination, taking radical feminism seriously means we can work towards improving gender equality policies, unpack and maybe overcome feminist contestations, and be better prepared to face anti-feminist opposition.


Moderation: Elisabeth Holzleithner



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