Mag.a Katharina Wiedlack

Department of English and American Studies, Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies



Katharina Wiedlack is an Assistant Professor for Anglophone Cultural Studies at the Department of English and American Studies, University of Vienna. Her research fields are primarily American Cultural and Literature, American-Russian relations, queer and feminist theory, popular culture, postsocialist, decolonial and dis/ability studies. Her first book "Queer-Feminist Punk: An Anti-Social" was published in 2015, by the feminist publisher Zaglossus. History Currently, she is working on two independent research projects. Her FWF Elise Richter project "Rivals of the Past, Children of the Future" focuses on the discursive construction of Russia within Western thought between the time of the American purchase of Alaska to the beginning of the Cold War. Her second FWF project is an arts-based research project and collaboration with Masha Godovannaya, and Ruth Jenrbekova from the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. It focuses on questions of in/visibility, queer ways of living, community building, and archiving within the post-Soviet space.