Sabine Grenz

Gender Research Office, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology andDepartment of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Philosophy and Education



Sabine Grenz, Ass-Prof. Dr., is Tenure Track professorship for interdisciplinary Gender Studies and head of the Office for Gender Research (Referat Genderforschung) at the University of Vienna. Before she was temporary Professor for Gender Studies at the University of Vienna (2017-2020) and Acting Professor for Diversity Research at the University of Göttingen (2015-2017). She also has the honorary position as Associate Professor at Humboldt University where she is associated member of the Centre for transdisciplinary Gender Studies. Her PhD research in Gender Studies (2004) was about masculinity and sexuality constructions by heterosexual clients of prostitutes and her Habilitation thesis (2014) on femininity in war-diaries of German women. Further research interests are epistemologies and methodologies of feminist research as well as the institutionalization of Gender Studies. Currently she works on the relationship between secularity and religiosity in WGFS (Women's, Feminist and Gender Studies) and the wider society.English publications include:

  • Grenz, Sabine, 2014, "Power in Feminist Research Processes" in: Plomien, Ania/Hemmings, Clare/Henry, Marsha/Evans, Mary/Wearing, Sadie/Madhok, Sumi (ed.), Handbook of Feminist Theory, London: Sage, pp61-74.
  • Grenz, Sabine, 2015, "Reading German Women's Diaries from the Second World War: Methodological, Epistemological and Ethical Dilemmas" in: Carotenuto, Sil-vana/Prlenda, Sandra/Jambresic Kirin, Renata (ed.), Feminist critique of know¬ledge production, Napoli: Orientale University Press, pp187-201.
  • Grenz, Sabine/Liinason, Mia (ed.), 2016, Women's/Gender Studies and Contemporary Changes in European Academic Cultures: International Perspectives, special section, Women’s Studies International Forum, pp79-177