Emma Dowling

Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences


Emma Dowling joined the University of Vienna in February 2020 as Tenure-Track Professor in the Department of Sociology. Prior to this, she held academic positions in the UK and in Germany. Her research interests are in the areas of sociologies of social change and feminist political economy.  Her most recent book The Care Crisis (Verso, 2021) investigates the reasons for the growing crisis of care and what can be done to end it. Other publications include The Waitress – On Affect, Method and (Re)presentation (Cultural Studies – Critical Methodologies, 2012), In the Wake of Austerity: Social Impact Bonds and the Financialisation of the Welfare State in Britain (New Political Economy, 2017) und The Social Structure of Brexit and the Crisis of Globalisation-Towards an Analysis of the Disjuncture (Austrian Journal of Sociology, 2021). In 2021 she was awarded the Käthe-Leichter-Prize for outstanding research in Women's Studies, Gender Studies and Equality at Work.