ao. i.R. Mag.a Christa Hämmerle

Department of History, Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies



Christa Hämmerle is Associate Professor for Modern History and Women´s and Gender History at the Department of History, University of Vienna. Her research in this fields includes topics related to war, military and violence of the 19th and 20th centuries – a field in which she focuses on experiences and meanings of those who for long have been historically neglected or made invisible (such as children, lower-class women, war nurses, common soldiers). Connected with, her work covers social history, the history of emotions (esp. love) and auto/biographical cultures or ego documents such as diaries, letters etc. Actually, after having just finished a study on masculinity and universal conscription in the Habsburg Monarchy (1868–1914), she is preparing a research project on sexual violence in the First World War. This cooperative project will base on court files of the Austrian State Archives, the question of in/visibility of predominately female victims / ways of tabooing of sexual violence in discourse will be central.Amongst the academic functions of Christa Hämmerle are her longstanding works as the head the „Sammlung Frauennachlässe“ („Collection of women´s personal papers) and as managing editor of the journal „L’Homme. Europäische Zeitschrift für Feministische Geschichtswissenschaft“ (L’Homme. European Journal of Feminist History“), founded in 1990.