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Univ.-Prof.in Mag.a Dr.in Andrea Lehner-Hartmann

Dep. Speaker for the Research Plattform GAIN


Department of Practical Theology, Faculty of Catholic Theology

E-Mail: andrea.lehner-hartmann@univie.ac.at


Andrea Lehner-Hartmann is Professor for Religious Education and Catechetic at the Department of Practical Theology and Dean of the Faculty of Catholic Theology. With her expertise in catholic theology and religious education, she is giving her contribution to the research platform especially from an angle concerning the role of gender in (religious) learning processes and educational institutions, violence in family and schools, religious learning and religious education in a plural society. She is a member of the research platform ‘Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society’, in which one of her latest contributions was dealing with transformational processes of religious education focusing on ‘gender’. Furthermore, she is a member of the Research Network “Interdisciplinary Research on Human Values” which focuses in future among others on how and which values become visible in the areas of schools, politics and religions and if they support democratic coexistence.