Giul Andrighetto, BA MA MA

Prae-Doc Assistent


Giul Andrighetto (no pronouns) is a multilingual and internationally educated Queer-feminist researcher with a Master degree in Gender Studies from the Université de Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. Giul’s interests and knowledge lie in the intersection between trans and queer studies and capitalist critique. Recently, Giul has been focusing on the study of in_visible complexities and collusions of white queerness with(in) dynamics of capitalist resistance and reproduction. Giul’s work is mostly based on the study of every-day lived material experiences investigated through autoethnography.

In 2022 Giul has successfully defended in front of the Faculty of Sociology of the University of Vienna a PhD project proposal developed within the research platform GAIN and titled: “Transformative economic relations: Analysing the affective dynamics of redistribution practices in solidarity communities”. Together with colleagues Giul regularly organizes Gender Studies workshops for fellow PhD students at the University of Vienna.